Was Ayesha Takia spotted in a burqa after marriage? Have her in-laws clamped down on her freedom to act in films? These are the rumours that one hears in the film industry. Ayesha Takia is more amused than exasperated by attempts to put her into the retired-actress’ bracket after marriage. The word being spread is that Ayesha has married into an ultra-conservative family where acting is perhaps not permitted.Says Ayesha, “I’ve never felt the need to grab roles. I’ve got what I wanted. And it will continue that way. I always felt Wanted would be the first big hit of my career. Ironical that it should come now after my marriage. And I’ve got more to do in it than the leading lady in a Salman vehicle would be expected to. In fact I was blown away by the way I was presented. And why should I give up a dream role like the one in Revathy’s film? She’s new to the Mumbai industry and quite nervous about these controversies.”

on Wednesday, 17 March 2010
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